healthy poke bowls in zurich, basel and zug

poké bowls

healthy poke bowls in zurich, basel and zug

poké bowls

what's a poké bowl?

A Poké bowl is a fusion of culinary delicacies from Japan and Hawaii. Fresh healthy foods with a good balance of carbohydrate, fat and protein sources all in a single bowl. It’s the perfect meal for when you do a lot of headwork – or anytime.

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healthy poke bowls in zurich, basel and zug
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You choose what goes into your personal Poké bowl:


Label: ASC
Origin: Faroe Islands

Label: MSC
Origin: AO71 western pacific

Origin: Switzerland

Planted Chicken (vegan)
Origin: Switzerland

Tofu (vegan)
Origin: Switzerland

Ponzu Lime: (lactose free)
The classic among sauces - based on soy sauce, slightly sweet and nicely rounded off with lime juice.

Wasabi Lime:
Creamy and light thanks to a dash of lime juice - slightly piquant, clears the nose.

Creamy Sriracha:
The creamy chilli sauce with a touch of sesame. Sharp and good.

Fresh Basil: (gluten-free, vegan, lactose-free)
Fresh, light, refreshing and vegan.

Tasty Truffle: (Gluten Free)
For the truffle lovers. Creamy and intense.

Teriyaki: (vegan, lactose-free)
The perfect mix of sweet and sour.

Peanut Sauce: (vegan, lactose-free)
Creamy and medium spicy peanut butter sauce with chili

1. protein i mehr info
planted chicken
2. base
sushi rice
nerone rice
cauliflower rice
4. sauce i mehr info
wasabi lime
creamy sriracha
fresh basil (v)
teriyaki (v)
ponzu lime
tasty truffle
peanut sauce (v)
5. finish (wähle 2)
wasabi nuts
spicy nachos
cream cheese
pickled onions
pickled peperoncini
3. topping (wähle 4)
seaweed salad
ginger guacamole
datterini tomatoes
sweet potatoes
spicy pineapple
tangy watermelon

Use these five easy steps to create your own personal Poké Bowl. First, choose your preferred protein. Second, select a base for energy and then four delicious healthy toppings. Next, choose one of the freshly prepared sauces, and finally two finishing touches to your delicious creation.

our favorites

These Poké bowls are real highlights. Just right if you don’t feel like deciding for yourself!

kind of spicy

salmon, sushi rice, seaweed salad, mango, edamame, cucumber, ginger, wasabi nuts, wasabi lime sauce

705 / 855 kcal
spicy chicken

chicken, sushi rice, datterini tomatoes, cucumber, ginger guacamole, coleslaw, spicy nachos, feta, creamy sriracha sauce

755 / 910 kcal
classic ponzu

tuna, nerone rice, datterini tomatoes, mango, edamame, ginger guacamole, pomegranate, ginger, ponzu lime sauce

526 / 647 kcal
summer bowl

planted chicken, nerone rice, tangy watermelon, cucumber, seaweed salad, spicy pineapple, cream cheese, coniander, teriyaki sauce

667 / 839 kcal
fresh and healthy pokebowls

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